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Building the awareness about integral development, helping the parents to be more involved and effective in building the foundation of the future, creating a parents' network

A person, an individual or a child is distinguished by his/her intellectual, ethical, dynamic and practical, vital and physical capacities. In a broader sense, these all fall within the realms of moral nature, mental faculties and physical capacities. When all these faculties are given equal importance, a holistic development takes shape representing more complete and a powerful personality. In this holistic approach, development of one faculty or capacity complements the other leading to integral in development of the faculties and capacities. We call this integral development. More integral the development is, more fulfilled and harmonious is the personality.

Every parent will love to see integral development happening with his child. But the needed awareness and knowledge and the continuous efforts from the parents is the prerequisite . To pull these together, we are bringing the expert knowledge- base of the educationists and physiologists to the parents. And at the same time from the parents we demand 10-15 mins every week. Our goal is to make parents more aware and conversant in the integral development of the young minds and build the foundation of the future. The foundation, also known as Budhna, is the fundamental and is our dream.

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